5 Effective Profile Tips To Market Yourself On LinkedIn

Linkedin profiles 'have a smile'
Remember to smile. A profile picture needs to be your face. Research says, a well written and optimized LinkedIn profile summary can attract  5 times more views and attention than before. “Optimizing your profile with the right keywords is crucial for LinkedIn success” says Abhyank our guest author. You can find his post below. Artflow on android was used to draw the above sketch. It is open for interpretation.

Your career basically starts with your first job, which will give you the experience to develop yourself and contribute to bigger and better things, maybe at your second job or the job after that. Hence, it is vital to start off strong and get the ideal first job, so that you can shape your career accordingly. This is where LinkedIn comes in, which has undoubtedly become the go-to place for job-seekers to look for jobs and network.

A lot of people simply create profiles and wait patiently for job opportunities to come to them. This is where most of them go wrong. There are over 450 million users on LinkedIn, so it is crucial to stand out from the rest of the applicant pool and take strong steps towards getting that dream job you’ve always wanted.

Melanie Pinola, a Harvard Alumni and editorial manager at Zapier, once said, “A huge number of jobs that are filled are never advertised to the public, or if they are, they’re filled by people who have a connection to the employer.”

So it is absolutely paramount to create an active profile so that you can get noticed by the recruiters and network better.

So how to go about it?

Read this post to figure out how to use LinkedIn’s functionalities to rank high on the job search results so that you are exposed to more job prospects.

Here are 5 effective profile tips to market yourself on LinkedIn.

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