Transfer of Business: How to Make Your Team Stay Productive

Team stay productive

When things feel up in the air, it’s hard for employees to stay grounded. If your business is changing ownership, the staff might feel uncertain about their futures. Their concerns will change, and they’ll view their careers from a different perspective. Until the change has been completed, the days will need to go on the same way they always have. Keeping things flowing means changing the way collaboration works under these new circumstances.

Know What Needs to Be Done

When new owners come in, old long term goals or policies might change. Think about what needs to get done in the moment. No one can work together productively if they feel as though what they’re working towards is useless. What does your team definitely need to accomplish before the transfer? What long term projects can be scrapped to accommodate current priorities? Make sure everyone is on the same page as far as what is most important at this time.

Take it Out of the Office

Whether you’re selling a brick and mortar office business or selling a website, the people who aren’t sticking around for the new owners are going to be working in a new environment soon. Staying in the office might be a little uncomfortable or downright upsetting to the people who aren’t happy about what’s going on. Encourage your team to collaborate in new environments. Let them work at a coffee shop or in a public park. The change of scenery will take their minds off of a big change they may not be happy about. Allowing them to work remotely from home is also a valuable alterative.

Don’t Stop Team Building

People value the relationships they build at work. If you know your deal will be completed in 90 days, you shouldn’t stop team building activities for that time. They’re still going to be working together. You need your team to feel strong and focused. Transfer of business can be demoralizing if you let regular day to day activities fall apart. Ownership may change, but in-office relationships can remain the same throughout the process.

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