How to Get More Users to Follow You on Twitter This 2018

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Although to buy Twitter followers is one of the popular strategies by most marketers recently, it is not enough to give your brand a solid authority online. The real challenge is how to retain these people and make them loyal followers. It can be a challenge to increase your number of followers, but it is indeed possible. Here are some strategies you can use to attract more users to your Twitter account this 2018.

Reasons to Gain More Followers on Twitter

Here’s a list of the benefits that you can reap from having a solid fan base on Twitter:

  • Improving Social Reputation- Most Internet users believe that the number of followers you have equates to how interesting or knowledgeable you are. Although it should not be the case, this is how the World Wide Web works because of the ranking system.
  • Expanding Your Influence- With a 140-character limit, Twitter is a good platform for sharing ideas without making your potential followers feel overwhelmed. If you want to your Tweet to reach out to many people, Twitter gets it easily done for you. The more followers you have, the more shares and retweets you’ll get.
  • Increasing Revenue- Because Twitter is a social media platform, people join here to connect with other users, make themselves entertained, or do business. Whatever you are trying to promote, Twitter can help in generating more conversions and leads.

Ways to Have More Followers on Twitter

Now, you know why it is vital to have many followers on Twitter, and that buying Twitter followers is not the only solution. It is time for you to learn how to make users click the “Follow” button. 

Do not hide your face

When choosing a photo for your account, you should upload a photo of yourself. Most users do not follow an account without an actual photo because it seems like a spam account. Uploading a photo with a good headshot will do. If taking photos is not your forte, you can search on Google for profile photo-taking techniques. 

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Make your Twitter bio interesting

You can buy Twitter followers in an instant just like what most marketers and content creators do, but you need to keep your bio interesting if you want them to keep following you. You should not take your bio for granted. Thus, your profile should make the first impression on them. A tagline and a city name are some of the details you should include. In addition, if you do not have your complete name, username, and bio, Twitter will not include your account in the search results. 

Personalize an About page for your account

Since the bio part of your account can only have 160 characters, it is not enough to convince users how interesting and engaging your page is. Therefore, you should think of making a custom “About Us” section in your website or blog and linking your Twitter account to it. It will be easier for potential followers to stumble onto your Twitter account. 

Make your presence known

When you buy Twitter followers, they improve the figures of your account. However, it takes much effort to retain followers who are really interested in what you post and help make your presence known. It is highly important to include the direct link to your Twitter account to your blog or website, other social media accounts, email signature, business cards, etc. Doing this will help people locate your Twitter account. If they happen to be your target audience, there’s a high chance they will follow you on the platform. 

Impart interesting content

Sharing thought-provoking content is one of the most important things you should consider. Make sure your content is something that users can look forward to since this is the main strategy to get your posts retweeted. When your Tweets reach out to more people, it will result in more followers.

Do not flood your account with Tweets

If you post too many times in a day, your followers’ excitement might lessen and end up feeling overwhelmed because you flood them with Tweets. Thus, It will be better to post frequently.

Your Tweets should be simple and short

If you do this, your followers will likely to retweet. Retweeting is the sole method to reach out and get the attention of users who do not follow you. That is why it is important that your Tweets are short enough to be retweeted. Include RT@your username in the character count so that people can add it to their Tweets. For example, if your account’s name is Maria, count all the characters RT@Maria has before typing your Tweet.

Request for retweets, but do not abuse it

According to research, if you ask followers to retweet, it is 4 times likely that they will do it. You can do this by including a short phrase asking for a retweet. This is effective because you have a call to action, but please be reminded that this strategy might be annoying to other users.

Follow other users who can relate to you

Buying Twitter followers and doing following aggressively might be an excellent tactic to some in increasing the number of followers. However, you should bear in mind that what works for them may not work for you. You can buy Twitter followers and see if it gives you the results that you want. Moreover, you ought to follow users who are in the same industry as you, users whom you have similar keywords with, and the users your followers follow. Some of these users will definitely follow you back. You should take advantage of the advanced search on Twitter in order to find these kinds of users easily.

Link and retweet other people

Because Twitter is a social networking platform, the culture of sharing is present. If you link other users, they will do the same thing in return. This is the key to growing your number of followers. These users will introduce you to other users who have not known the existence of your account.


There is indeed no shortcut to growing your Twitter following. Even if you avail the service of buying Twitter followers, you still need much time and effort to achieve it. If you want followers who are genuine and engaging, you ought to try the methods given to increase your own Twitter community.

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