Finding work in a new country via social media

New country

Sometimes the world of work does not limit us to one space, or even one country. In the various adventures through life, we can actually find ourselves working in a variety of new and wonderful places. But, whilst also having to get your tier 2 visa in place, you also need to actually have a job as well.

It’s not always a matter of choice either, sometimes we need to find a job in a new place through circumstances, shall we say, not of your own choosing. Which is why finding a job fast and through unusual methods is paramount in the modern day. This is where social media plays a part. With dozens of different social media channels, there are plenty of opportunities for you to find work in other countries whilst surfing the web on a daily basis.

Examples of good networks to focus your job search include the following:


This is the ultimate job social network, with people signed up around the world. Chances are you should be able to find the job of your dreams, no matter your location, whilst on a casual browse through the sites ‘job’ section. If not, it’s a great site to experience a number of networking opportunities. Especially considering there are 467 million members on LinkedIn right now.

In recent years, the capability of LinkedIn job search has improved even further as it overtakes over more traditional job search platforms. If you have the idea that you may have to work abroad eventually, then it’s always a good idea to join LinkedIn well ahead of any actual move dates or decision-making periods.

To best optimize this site for your job searches, ensure that you have these

things in order:

  • A nice, clear, professional photo of yourself.
  • Full work history, showing the key skills you picked up along the way.
  • Publications and certifications.
  • Education – don’t lie!
  • Recommendations and reviews from other people is also a huge help, as it shows people that not only are you a real person but good enough to cause people to comment on it.
  • Grow your connections list, don’t be afraid to add people – they could be your gateway into a brilliant overseas career change.


Brief messages are the aim of the Twitter platform – even in spite of the longer length allowance recently introduced. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find a job on this microblogging platform. It does, however, require more of a strategy than your typical social media job searches.

Your first step should always be to follow people in your desired industry or field of work, this means you have a newsfeed full of relevant news and information when you need it. Industry professionals often Tweet or talk about opportunities in their field, so it’s best to follow them in order to be one of the first to know. Likewise, it may give you the opportunity to check out their hiring trends.

Next, you need to post. Talk about looking for a job in your industry. Join in industry conversions. And, most importantly, don’t forget to fully utilise the power of hashtags! You never know who could be searching for the relevant hashtags to find you, so always be on top of those.

Again, Twitter is another platform that is used for networking opportunities. Talk to people you look up to in your industry, ask them questions and engage as much as possible. You may be surprised by what happens.


Recently, Facebook has announced a move away from the more commercial road that the social site has taken in recent years. Meaning that you will begin to see more content from your friends and family. A great thing, when it comes to your potential job opportunities.

The right post at the right time could be exactly what your overseas career needs. After all, you never know who your Facebook network may be connected to outside of the app. Someone who may just be a random connection to you might actually be the link you need to get a good word in at your dream company. You never know, which is often the case when it comes to your networking opportunities. Sure, Facebook may be on a more personal level; but, that doesn’t mean that the opportunities are not there!


Okay, this one may seem like a long shot. But stranger things have happened during a job hunt. It may seem like ‘just’ a photo posting website, yet there are lots of hidden career opportunities in another country lurking beneath the surface. If you are looking for a more creative career, in particular, then this may be the perfect social media platform for you.

Take the time to post a picture. Again, engage with the community you are seeking to be a part of. Then make way for the growth of opportunities that you find when you actually look for them.

At the end of the day, if you really want to find a great career in another country then you will be open to using unusual methods to do. Including social media that you do not typically associate with job hunting. It’s a long shot, but certainly more than beneficial if it actually works out for you!

How to Get More Users to Follow You on Twitter This 2018

technology office

Although to buy Twitter followers is one of the popular strategies by most marketers recently, it is not enough to give your brand a solid authority online. The real challenge is how to retain these people and make them loyal followers. It can be a challenge to increase your number of followers, but it is indeed possible. Here are some strategies you can use to attract more users to your Twitter account this 2018.

Reasons to Gain More Followers on Twitter

Here’s a list of the benefits that you can reap from having a solid fan base on Twitter:

  • Improving Social Reputation- Most Internet users believe that the number of followers you have equates to how interesting or knowledgeable you are. Although it should not be the case, this is how the World Wide Web works because of the ranking system.
  • Expanding Your Influence- With a 140-character limit, Twitter is a good platform for sharing ideas without making your potential followers feel overwhelmed. If you want to your Tweet to reach out to many people, Twitter gets it easily done for you. The more followers you have, the more shares and retweets you’ll get.
  • Increasing Revenue- Because Twitter is a social media platform, people join here to connect with other users, make themselves entertained, or do business. Whatever you are trying to promote, Twitter can help in generating more conversions and leads.

Ways to Have More Followers on Twitter

Now, you know why it is vital to have many followers on Twitter, and that buying Twitter followers is not the only solution. It is time for you to learn how to make users click the “Follow” button. 

Do not hide your face

When choosing a photo for your account, you should upload a photo of yourself. Most users do not follow an account without an actual photo because it seems like a spam account. Uploading a photo with a good headshot will do. If taking photos is not your forte, you can search on Google for profile photo-taking techniques. 

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Make your Twitter bio interesting

You can buy Twitter followers in an instant just like what most marketers and content creators do, but you need to keep your bio interesting if you want them to keep following you. You should not take your bio for granted. Thus, your profile should make the first impression on them. A tagline and a city name are some of the details you should include. In addition, if you do not have your complete name, username, and bio, Twitter will not include your account in the search results. 

Personalize an About page for your account

Since the bio part of your account can only have 160 characters, it is not enough to convince users how interesting and engaging your page is. Therefore, you should think of making a custom “About Us” section in your website or blog and linking your Twitter account to it. It will be easier for potential followers to stumble onto your Twitter account. 

Make your presence known

When you buy Twitter followers, they improve the figures of your account. However, it takes much effort to retain followers who are really interested in what you post and help make your presence known. It is highly important to include the direct link to your Twitter account to your blog or website, other social media accounts, email signature, business cards, etc. Doing this will help people locate your Twitter account. If they happen to be your target audience, there’s a high chance they will follow you on the platform. 

Impart interesting content

Sharing thought-provoking content is one of the most important things you should consider. Make sure your content is something that users can look forward to since this is the main strategy to get your posts retweeted. When your Tweets reach out to more people, it will result in more followers.

Do not flood your account with Tweets

If you post too many times in a day, your followers’ excitement might lessen and end up feeling overwhelmed because you flood them with Tweets. Thus, It will be better to post frequently.

Your Tweets should be simple and short

If you do this, your followers will likely to retweet. Retweeting is the sole method to reach out and get the attention of users who do not follow you. That is why it is important that your Tweets are short enough to be retweeted. Include RT@your username in the character count so that people can add it to their Tweets. For example, if your account’s name is Maria, count all the characters RT@Maria has before typing your Tweet.

Request for retweets, but do not abuse it

According to research, if you ask followers to retweet, it is 4 times likely that they will do it. You can do this by including a short phrase asking for a retweet. This is effective because you have a call to action, but please be reminded that this strategy might be annoying to other users.

Follow other users who can relate to you

Buying Twitter followers and doing following aggressively might be an excellent tactic to some in increasing the number of followers. However, you should bear in mind that what works for them may not work for you. You can buy Twitter followers and see if it gives you the results that you want. Moreover, you ought to follow users who are in the same industry as you, users whom you have similar keywords with, and the users your followers follow. Some of these users will definitely follow you back. You should take advantage of the advanced search on Twitter in order to find these kinds of users easily.

Link and retweet other people

Because Twitter is a social networking platform, the culture of sharing is present. If you link other users, they will do the same thing in return. This is the key to growing your number of followers. These users will introduce you to other users who have not known the existence of your account.


There is indeed no shortcut to growing your Twitter following. Even if you avail the service of buying Twitter followers, you still need much time and effort to achieve it. If you want followers who are genuine and engaging, you ought to try the methods given to increase your own Twitter community.

Give Into Your Random Thoughts

stones-random thoughts
According to scientists, we can be benefited by random thoughts and helps in our creative thinking. The secret lies in how ‘we respond to  it’. Random thoughts need to be embraced and exploited to see ‘who you are’ says  our guest author. Her post is below. Looking at the stones and pebbles by the stream or by the river side brings tranquility. Image credit: Pixabay

Most of us have had the experience when a random thought pops into our head. Maybe you’re discussing a work project, and suddenly you think of your friend who got engaged and how you have to buy a wedding gift.

These random thoughts can be triggered by certain words, but they can also come days later about something you were doing.

Some people see these random thoughts as unproductive or a waste of time and try to suppress them the second they pop up. However, there’s a scientific reason for these random thoughts to occur and reasons to embrace them.

Random thoughts can be used as a spontaneous idea trigger.  Such intrusive thoughts are  beneficial. You can try the above simple experiment by rolling some vegetables peas at random on your kitchen table. See the patterns it generates. It helps in generating new ideas. Video credit : Pixabay

Spontaneous Thinking Might Be Our Natural State

There’s a group of brain scientists who believe that our brain’s natural state is a state of random thoughts. This is not a new idea. Sigmund Freud analyzed random thoughts as a form of psychological treatment.

So, how are random thoughts a normal state of being?

Random thoughts come from a default network of neurons in the brain. It allows your mind to wander freely in the past and present. It reflects on things you’ve done and how you could imagine yourself in the future. This makes sense, too. Consider a person who, when lost in thought, thinks about something he did last week and maybe over analyzes it. Consider another person who’s looking forward to the vacation she’s about to take and is imagining all the activities she’s going to do while there.

It can also make sense given concentrating on tasks can be difficult for many people. Even if you are good at focusing on tasks in the present, consider how mentally taxing it is to maintain that focus. It takes a significant mental effort to focus on a task in the present whether it’s painting a wall or writing a report.

How Are Random Thoughts Beneficial?

Having random thoughts is a sign your brain is working normally. Scientists believe that these spontaneous ideas are likely due to our brains processing memories and preparing to store them. They can also be a sign of creative thinking.

As your brain processes memories for storage, it forms new neural connections to other related memories. Those new neural connections make it easier for your brain to retrieve the memory.

There are also scientists who believe that these spontaneous thoughts can provide insights into our deepest beliefs, preferences, and attitudes compared to deliberate thoughts.

These spontaneous thoughts shouldn’t be seen as nuisances that derail your train of thought. They should be embraced and exploited to understand who you are and how that random idea might help you solve your current problem.

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Using Spontaneous Thoughts to Your Advantage

Being able to understand how these random thoughts fit into what you’re currently doing can make you a better problem solver and think more creatively. The ability to think out-of-the-box is highly beneficial for nearly every profession, even if you don’t have a “creative” job. Too often, we get caught up in thinking “that’s just the way we do things,” which hinders our ability to solve problems.

Some people practice Acem meditation to stimulate spontaneous thoughts in the brain. They see it as maintaining their default brain. Others tend to write down their random thoughts in a small journal or personalized notepad to analyze later. They believe these thoughts can be the key to unlocking a critical problem.

You can also use random thoughts to your advantage in social situations. When you have a constant flow of random thoughts, you never run out of things to talk about. Those random thoughts can help make you more memorable to that person, forging new social connections that can improve our mental wellbeing. Not everyone is welcoming to random thoughts however. Be mindful of personalities who may not be open to the random thinker. 

Next time you have a random thought, consider chasing that thought to see where it takes you. If you don’t have the time, write it down. These actions can help you better understand your brain. 

Creating a more collaborative workplace – 3 ingredients you can’t miss

collaborative workplace
A collaborative workplace requires a certain degree of give and take and works on the essence of shared understanding among employees. Kevin, our guest author shares three ingredients for a successful collaborative workplace from giving freedom to employees to top management commitment. Please find his post below. Image credit : Pixabay

If you’re not fostering collaboration in your business, you will lose to those who do!

For starters, Millennials are taking over the workplace and majority of them (88%) prefer a collaborative culture over a competitive one. But more important, having all moving parts of the office work together simply makes good business sense.

Did you know?

Companies with a collaborative culture increase their productivity by 15%, reduce their time-to-market by 20%, and improve communication by 50%.

On the other hand, creating such an environment is easier said than done.

In particular, highly skilled employees – the nerds and geeks of the office – are not too keen on sharing their expertise and working with others. Many fear they would lose their edge at work by collaborating with co-workers, a point discussed in a post here at Work Monkey Labs.

And let’s admit it:

People, in general, are almost always resistant to change.

So what’s a business leader, like you, to do?

Read the rest of this brief guide and discover the five must-have ingredients for building a work environment where people love to work together.

Strong encouragement from the executive team

Supporting collaboration from the executive level isn’t just about having a mission or vision statement with the word “collaboration” in it. You need to go beyond mere words and show your support through actions.

Let’s take a look at a few ideas.

First on the list is to exhibit the behavior you want employees to adopt, and executives of the Standard Chartered bank do a fine job at it.

Members of the general management committee frequently travel to meet face-to-face and substitute for one another. Not only does this set a fine example for the rest of the company to follow. But doing so also enables executives to fill in for each other whatever the task – whether it’s to plan and run an internal event, start a dialogue with employees, or speak at a conference.

Frequent mentoring and coaching sessions can also encourage employees – both new and seasoned vets – to provide feedback and impart their knowledge. Both of which are crucial to collaboration.

At Nokia, new employees are exposed to the strong coaching culture of the company from the get-go.

Within a few days of stepping into a new job, the manager will meet with the employee and hand over a list of all the people in the organization the newcomer has to meet. The standard next step is for the new employee to set up meetings with people on the list so he or she may learn from them.

Designing an office to increase chance encounters and informal conversations among workers from different departments is another idea you should consider.

Google and Apple have done this masterfully by bringing offices together and adding kitchens and vending machines between teams.

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A suitable platform for collaboration

Make no mistake:

Creating a strong sense of community and having excellent leadership are essential for a collaborative work environment.

However, picking the wrong platform limits your chances of success.

Here’s an extreme example:

Using email to pass around and edit a document. The approach is just tedious and inefficient! A better way to go about editing a document as a team is to use tool like Google Docs where you can invite people, set permissions, and view changes real-time.

Clearly, you need to exercise good judgment when shopping for a social collaboration tool for your business. Fortunately, you have plenty to choose from as far as platforms are concerned, each bringing plenty unique bells and whistles to the table.

For large enterprises, Microsoft, Cisco, and Google lead the way in providing a scalable suite of tools which boast tight integration with each other.

Small to medium-sized businesses, on the other hand, turn to best-of-breed solutions like Trello because of the wide array of third-party applications built around them. Not to mention the affordable rates and low total cost of ownership are also a huge draw.

But the size of your organization isn’t the only consideration when looking into collaboration tools.

More important, you want a platform that solves your collaboration problems.

So instead of swooning over the latest buzz, ask questions like:

  • How do you want employees to work together?
  • What challenges are they facing?
  • What do you want to get out of the tool and the increased collaboration it will bring?

From here, you can create a list of features you will need. Time-tracking and a robust shared calendar, for example, are must-haves for increased productivity in the office. But you will also want to get input from your team, the very people who will use the platform.

If you can find a tool that users love and has all of the features you need, you’re golden!

And lest we forget:

Look into the platform or suite’s security features.

Go for one that offers end-to-end encryption as you don’t want outsiders getting their hands on confidential company information. Multi-factor authentication is another security measure you don’t want to miss.

Let employees do what they ought to do

Directing and micromanaging people may be necessary in some cases – like when training a new member of the staff or coaching an under performing employee. In the long run, however, micromanaging will only kill the motivation and collaborative spirit of your team.

Think about it:

Why encourage collaboration in the first place if you’re going to do all the talking and team members have to follow your instructions down to a tee anyway?

Even worse, however, micromanaging puts your employees health at risk!

In a study involving 2,363 employees, researchers from the Indiana University found that highly demanding jobs which give people little control over the way they work are associated with a 15.4% increase in risk of death.

Autonomy, on the other hand, is the antithesis of micromanagement. Giving workers autonomy means they have some degree of control in how they work and use their skills.

Dan Pink, an NYT and WSJ best-selling author, identified autonomy as one of the key drivers of workplace motivation and performance alongside mastery and purpose. And Gensler’s 2013 Workplace Survey echo Pink’s conclusion.

In the survey, employees with a say in how they work surpass their peers without a choice at work by a large margin:

  • They perform better by 5 percentage points
  • More likely to innovate by 10 percentage points
  • More satisfied with their job by 10 percentage points

Not bad for giving employees a say in the workplace, don’t you think?

If you picked the right team members and have set clear guidelines, success metrics, and objectives for the project, then it’s high time to let your team take the reins so you can focus on the bigger picture.


Simple internet publishing tips using social media

Social networks
Guest author Jessica writes about social media tips for internet publishing from creating a sitemap for your site to analyzing Facebook pages. Her post is below. Picture credit: Pixabay

Social media marketing is now deemed important for businesses. After all, not only does it boost brand recognition, but it also improves brand loyalty, and with the use of the right tools, success would surely be yours. So, here are 15 compulsive social media tool and technology tips that we have for you!

1. Don’t forget to create a sitemap

Having a sitemap is essential as it allows Google to have an idea of what kind of content your site has. Also, in case you have also uploaded videos on YouTube, Google would also be indexing those on your site as well.  A sitemap is the one that makes your site easier to navigate not only for your site’s visitors but for search engines too.

2. Make use of the Google Advanced Search

Using the Google Advanced Search will allow you to save a lot of time when it comes to searching for specific topics as it gets rid of unwanted results and websites. In other words, it helps you narrow down your search and exclude words that are not relevant to what you are searching for.

3. Use Google Analytics to monitor traffic

Social media marketing does not end with you creating fresh content and finally publishing them online, but you should also monitor how much traffic your content is getting by using the Google Analytics. This tool will also allow you to know the source of the traffic.

4. Use lucky orange in monitoring the activity of your visitors

You need to know your visitors better in order for you to be able to create contents that will cater to all of their needs and meet their preferences. With this tool, you can interact in real time with your visitors. You can also know how long they have been staying on your site and the kind of pages that they have visited.

5. Use Glyder to share some updates

Most people are accessing social media platforms using their mobile devices. So, you need to make sure that you reach out to mobile users as well when you engage in social media marketing, and you can do that through Glyder. This is a tool that will allow you to provide status updates. You can even use the graphical templates available there.

6. Include links containing keywords on your profile

If ever you have plans to post as a guest on the other blogs online, then make sure to include links that contain the keywords that you want to rank in your profile. After all, they would most likely just be copying what you have sent whenever you post as a guest.

7. Minimize the size of your images with

There are a lot of things that can affect your ranking on search engines and one of them is the loading time of your pages. So, as much as possible, minimize the size of your images with while still retaining the quality of your images. This is sure to provide you positive results from your social media marketing efforts.

8. Find the most shared content through Buzzsumo

In order for you to be able to create content that would likely be shared by your target audience, you need to know what kind of content they are interested in first. You can use Buzzsumo to find out the answer. With that, you can start creating content that tackles similar topics that are most likely to perform well.

9. Analyze your blog’s SEO with Screaming Frog

This tool analyzes all of your site’s pages, and it will provide you an idea of what areas you need to improve further before you create a new content by fetching data on your site. Hence, it can help you boost your SEO ranking.

10. Use Heyo to build your email subscribers

Oftentimes, to gain attention on social media, businesses offer special deals. However, as the main goal of your social media marketing campaign is to gain attention, you need to promote it more. Guess what, Heyo allows you to convert your fans on FB to be your email subscribers.

11. Use Hootsuite to schedule your posts

So, you have created several great posts but instead of posting them all at the same time, you should schedule the delivery of your posts with HootSuite. That way, your target audience would see something new whenever they visit your blog. Also, not only will it allow you to save some time, but it also ensures that more people would be able to see your posts.

12. Optimize your previous posts in SEO

In social media marketing, it is essential for you to ensure that all of your posts are SEO optimized. So, revisit your old post, regardless of whether it has already been weeks or months since they have been posted online. If possible, link your posts with one another. Make sure to use the keyword in your titles and descriptions.

13. Use LikeAlyzer to analyze your Facebook page

Although the Facebook insights are already there for you to use, LikeAlyzer is definitely much simpler to use. It can provide you recommendations on how you can improve your Facebook page, as well as how you can boost the engagement between you and your audience on the said platform.

14. Manage your blogs with ManageWp

Although there are people who are into social media marketing that only has a single blog to manage, there are also some who have created multiple blogs. Well, managing several blogs all at the same time has been made easy by ManageWp.

15. Track your mentions with Mention

Do you want to know the number of times that your brand has been mentioned on social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter? If so, then the tool Mention is what you need. What’s even great is that you can use it for free.

So, there you have 15 compulsive social media tool and technology tips. Hopefully, you can use them on your future social media marketing campaign.