How Becoming a Business Tutor Helped Me Collaborate with Some of the Top Business Talents in My Area

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When I first heard about business tutoring – I wasn’t fully aware of how beneficial it could be for my business.

I’d been quite successful in my area, and I wanted to give something back to those just starting out in the industry – so I was willing to volunteer some of my time to a few local business learning hubs and enterprise networks But I thought it was just going to be a one-way street. I was wrong.

My initial idea was that I was going to help out with a few up-and-coming entrepreneurs and that would be that. I didn’t realize becoming a business tutor could actually help my business. In reality, the process wasn’t just about sharing my knowledge with others – it actually helped me learn, and gave me a number of unique ways to collaborate and draw on a range of different skill sets.

How my collaborative efforts improved with the new network of talent I had access to

Because I was now working with a lot of motivated, inspired young-business people – the opportunities I had to collaborate on different projects skyrocketed. I was now drawing on a wide-range of talents and ideas – some of which I could use in my own business.

I was tutoring different people with different skills – and more than just sharing my knowledge with them, they were sharing theirs with mine. Not only did I collaborate with them to help on a few of their ideas and projects – but they actually helped me with mine. It was now a two-way learning street.

Local private tuition companies like Smile Tutor offer these collaborative opportunities in the Singapore area.

How becoming a tutor helped me learn new ways of doing business

I might have been the senior businessperson – but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have things I could learn. Through our collaboration, I knew that some of my ideas were stuck in the past. I got some great new ideas that I could implement in my business.

I was actually tutoring someone who ran an online business and was very interested in social media. It was at a time when social media was just taking off, but I’d been so busy I’d sort of neglected getting involved.

He needed some help with more traditional aspects of his business, so we worked together so I could set him straight. While collaborating helped him immensely – it also helped me. I saw how powerful social media could be in promoting a new business (especially on a budget). It was so effective, I implemented it in my business and started seeing positive results. Through our collaboration – we both learned something to improve our skill set.

How my improved network actually helped improve my business

As time went on, the people I tutored grew and many of them became successful business people. I soon started to realize that this could be valuable to my business moving on.

My network of successful local business people grew. I now had former students going on and doing great things with their business – and some of them I continued to work with collaboratively.

One of my students started their own graphic design business. Once I’d helped them get up and running with some of the more traditional aspects of their business (marketing, finance, human resources) – they went on to make quite a success.

A few years later when I needed some graphic design work done for a leaflet I was producing, I knew who to turn to. Not only was their work top-notch – but they gave me a discount as a thank-you for helping them get started.

So you can see how collaborating initially helped both of us. He got some business, and I got a discount – plus we both learned a lot in the process.

I then had further opportunities to work with former students when I was looking to take on a couple of additional employees. Rather than starting their own business, they were looking for regular work in the local business community. I knew how good they were, so I employed them to work with my without much hesitation. Again, it was a wise decision for my business.

When I first started tutoring, I had the wrong mindset. I thought it was all about me giving something back. I didn’t realize becoming a business tutor could help my own business.

About the author

Keith Elton has years of experience in the local business community. He knows how important a business education can be, which is why he also works for a private tuition company based in Singapore.

Keith Elton

Keith Elton has years of experience in the local business community. He knows how important a business education can be, which is why he also works for a private tuition company based in Singapore.

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