How to protect teenagers from the dark side of social media

Protecting teenagers from the dark side of social media

Everyone knows the brighter side of social media platforms, where users can interact with the people of different cultures and ethnicities. Long distance relationships are enabled to communicate with each other with the help of text messages, audio, and video calling by using different instant messengers such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Yahoo, Snapchat, WhatsApp and plenty of others alike.

These social media tools are the best for online communication. People make friends online even whom they don’t know in real life. People use these platforms free of cost, without paying a single penny to these digital media services.

People have cell phone devices in their hands and they can get access to instant messaging apps. Having the brighter side of the online media, there is also having the darker side which is continuously influencing on the positive side.

The negative side of the digital media is progressing no time ever before and young kids and teens that are very fond of social apps are facing nightmares. Let’s take a look on the darker side of the social messaging apps.

The Dark Side of Social Media

Everything has its dark side, so the technological creatures are not pretty different. Young kids and teens use the social media apps without the consent of their parents. On the other hand, if parents are totally non-tech savvy, then there huge chances that young kids and teens get harm online by using the social media apps.  All the social media mighty messengers have become the safe havens for evils. Young kids and teens sometimes adopt these evils and most of the time becomes the victim of these evils.

Cyber Bullying

We all know about bullies and bullying, cyberbullying means bullies present in the digital world and bullied online to others by using technology. The technology can be used devices such as laptops, computers, and gadgets such as cell phones, tabs, and pads. It further added communication tools such as social messaging apps and websites, chats and text messages. Cyberbullies chase young teens online on different social media platforms and bullied them by using sexual language and by using sexual explicit photos and videos, with racist sentences and with many others. Once teens got bullied online, the results could be long lasted and swear such as depression, anxiety, and stress.

Cyber Stalkers

They play very safely; initially, they chase young kids and teens on social messaging apps. They ask young teens for friendship behaving nicely, and when someone having young age accepts their friendship they ask for dating. Teens trust the stalkers blindly because without having prior knowledge of stalkers. They got into the trap and commit everything what they really want from them. Once they fulfill all of their motives they tend to the next target and left the teen broken heart. The results of that kind of fraud could be very dangerous and even sometimes lead teen’s to attempt suicide.

Sexual encounters

Most of the teens use the social media platforms for dating and even for blind dating. They use dating apps such as Tinder, Line, Instagram, WhatsApp and plenty of others alike. These are the apps on which adults communicate with their opposite genders for sexual hookups and find the way to meet them in real life. Young kids and teens having less maturity and foresightedness are got into trouble having sexual encounters and often got blackmailed.

Health Issues

Young kids and teens spend them all day long on the social media apps to the time waking early in the morning and till the time they go to sleep at night. Having that kind of obsession with the social messaging apps put users in trouble of health issues such as muscle pain, eye infections, ill sleeping patterns, weight gain, stress, depression and plenty of disorders.

How to Protect Teens?

Teens can be protected from all the nightmares which they are facing from the social media by setting the parental control on the social media apps. It is only possible having one of the best and powerful parenting control software such as cell phone tracking app.

It enables users to get their eyes on all the activities young kids and teens do on the social messaging apps. Parents will be able to view IM’s chats, IM’s conversations, IM’s logs, shared media files in the shape of photos and videos. Parents can also record all audio and video calls happen on the messenger as well as the voice messages.


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