Edge of Chaos

An artist’s illustration that social collaboration thrives at the Edge of Chaos at the transition region between chaos and order. It could be anything! So much for bananas and so much for evolution. Source Copyright: Work Monkey Labs

Social collaboration, collaborative improvisations, and innovation happen at the Edge of Chaos. The Edge of Chaos is a state between ‘complete order and no order at all’. A state or a region where most systems (Biological, Physical, Economic, and Social) operate, adapt, evolve and grow between total order and complete randomness or chaos.

The transition phase between chaos and order and somewhere at the Edge of Chaos is where new dynamic life cycles are born. It is thought to be the epicenter of our evolutionary processes, where old local structures are broken and new patterns of organization are born. The systems become self-organising and evolving on their own at this transition phase.

One such system within the reach of all us is the Internet and its culture. The Internet provides the space for creative conversations to happen all the time. The people behavior and the current internet culture is reminiscent of this state – Edge of Chaos.

In a recent discovery, it is understood that even complex unsolved mathematical problems can be solved by collaborative social conversations among collective minds from all over the world.

People have understood that newer areas, ideas, directions, and angles would not have been possible, had they not bounced their thoughts and ideas with others.  For others, are people belonging to different disciplines and walks of life.  A sense of altruism fills the air and it pays to be altruistic.

We will continue to evolve

Serendipity flows only quicker through a dense concentration of people (not just from a few bright minds) and our ability and capacity to solve our world’s problems only get enhanced.  We will continue to evolve and we have not reached our potential yet.

Building those structures, which is so essential to be at the Edge of Chaos, creating dense social networks for social media collaboration and managing that knowledge is central to the focus here at Work Monkey Labs.

Social collaboration, Social networks, Crowds and Swarms

Please go ahead to read what we have done so far to manage that knowledge. So far so good.


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