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Social Network Innovation for Work Collaboration

# the way I see it

The art of perceptive social bookmarking. Bookmark a webpage URL through a pictogram or a symbol.

Add an URL

Add any webpage URL (preferably work based)

Choose a Pictogram

Choose a pictogram and add a title and a context.

View profiles

View profiles, comment, iterate and shape new ideas.

Make the web, a better place

Bookmark with a difference and without abuse. The World Wide Web is the single biggest system in the world, where billions of people interact on a daily basis. The web exists because of its interlinks. Lets make a healthy, purposeful and a meaningful information link.

creating the web
In the age of social media discussion on a topic

Collaborate with a context

Context is one of the most important aspects of a social network. Context is the information surrounding the content making it valuable and meaningful. Unleash the human element ! tap into the experience and wisdom of others.

Communicate through a pictogram or a symbol

Pictograms and symbols were used from time immemorial. They depict a word or a concept and helps in visualizing it. They help in the successive iteration of ideas. They are language independent and are universally understood by people from all over the world.

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Hand-Drawn Pictograms

Over 400 hand drawn pictograms to choose from to suit your webpage URL. Each and every pictogram denotes a concept or a word.


Trust Score and Rating

Work Monkey labs Trust score evaluates your submitted content based on 1. Content and its length 2. Structure 3. Focus 4. Supporting information and examples. Users can independently rate the content as well.

news content

Searchable Title and Content

Add your own title and context to the subject. Context is all about your perspective on "Who said what" and "who said to whom".

category table

Tagging through knowledge categories

The submitted content on the Webpage URL can be tagged to over 160 work based knowledge and expertise categories. Categories include from Accounting, Business analysis, Film making to Zero based budgeting.

Let's Make the web beautiful

#the way i see it - It 's your space, it's your perspective

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