How to conduct effective project status meetings

Project status review meeting

Effective Project status update review meetings- A good habit for successful projects


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Status update review is conducted to communicate the progress of the project to all the team members and senior stakeholders. Meetings are held formally in conference rooms or virtually depending on the needs of the stakeholders and the minutes of the meeting are mailed across to all involved in the project. They are usually held on a periodical basis, often weekly and sometimes depending on the needs of the stakeholders, it is done on a monthly or quarterly basis as well.

A typical project status review meeting addresses and walks through the project’s progress on its planned milestones, issues and challenges faced and the support that is required from the stakeholders.

More importantly, it reinforces the project’s business case and its core objectives from time to time to all the project members, the sponsorship team and also other senior stakeholders and any deviations from the baseline are corrected. Imperatively, such walk through gives a heads up of the upcoming project activities and the support needed from them.

A byproduct or should we say an added benefit is that it gives the project manager   a leadership opportunity for team building, familiarizing and coaching new project members on the workings and procedures of the project plan, introducing new members to the rest of the team and also how to deal with identified issues and clear them so that the project deliverables do not get affected.

A successful meeting solicits feedback from all the involved stakeholders, makes action items and goes to a great length in keeping all of them in the same page as the project progresses in time. Such meetings are a good project habit, it shows the commitment and the effort that has been put in so far by the project manager and his team members, reinforces accountability and creating the confidence among senior stakeholders on the project manager, the project members and on the way the project is managed and run.

Keep these meetings to an hour or less. Now let’s look at how a simple and an effective five point project update review slide looks like.


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