The age of social media: our participation, makes it a way of life

In the age of social media discussion on a topic

This is the age of social media. Whether we agree to it or not, we are drawn towards it, participate and interact with it. It is a massive crowd: It is happening right now, as you read this. Being an individual is important. Our recent article published in ‘Medium’ talks through it. Please find the article below.

Through our active participation in social media and making it as a way of life, we have given rise to a quite of a number of internet sub-cultures.

What I mean here is that,

Have you noticed that there are crowd sub-cultures abound everywhere?

Whether you are buying a laptop or an automobile or even still shopping online for your favorite wardrobe, you will find specific crowds thronging the site commenting and discussing ‘what they like and don’t like’ about the brands and to a great extent influence the buying decision of others.

This is exactly what the authors of the article “Branding in the age of social media”  from the Harvard Business Review talk about. You can click here for the article.

The rise of the new age of social media

Historically, cultural innovations and the so-called  “New age cultures” have always risen from the fringes of the society. Their mass social movements and voices never gathered steam. They have always challenged the conventional norms and tradition.

Their (people from the fringes of society) ideas and their way of life, have been borrowed by the mainstream companies and media houses.  The companies acted as intermediaries and packaged it as branded content and diffused it across the rest of the world.

Over the years, this branded content had become popular culture. Such packaging and marketing used to work back in the days, but no longer now.

The age of Social media has changed all of that.

The ‘internet crowd’ and their culture is the new competition.

The social interaction between such fringe communities and cultures that were once geographically spread out are now more intensely connected. The communities now collaborate with each other.  They have become interconnected dense networks and have far-reaching influence. Their influence is substantial.

The feedback is quite direct and accurate. This is the new age of social media and the rise of crowd culture. The Internet and social media crowd cultures over time have given rise to many sub-cultures in every genre. You name it and there is one.

In essence, brands and the brand strategy have to cater to the sub-cultures that exist for your product and service. This is essential for your brand to be successful and to stand out. We will discuss this in another post.

We are not far from the madding crowd

Talking about crowds, in the late nineteenth century, The English author,  Thomas Hardy, named his novel as “Far from the madding crowd”. Apparently, he had borrowed the phrase from an English poem.

Nevertheless, the phrase has caught our imagination and has ever since been ingrained in our popular culture. We refer to it very often.

The word “madding” means being frenzied or in a rush of mad excitement. The title appears to be fancy for the novel. It is not even remotely connected to the story nor with the plight of the main protagonist “Bathsheba Everdene”.

That apart,

The irony is we all still live in a crowd. The world is a crowd and we haven’t lost our individuality. There is a popular perception that with the rise of the crowds, there is the demise of the individual. It is not the case.

With this brief introduction, read the article above that was published on “Medium” recently.

It explains, why being an individual is important even though we are part of a crowd and our individuality is not lost in the age of social media.


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