Top 10 online collaboration tools, 2017

Collaboration tool and idea

Collaboration tools help us to communicate and work together on shared goals as a team.  There is a host of collaboration tools available in the market.

There are some which cater to specific niches of project management, workflow, and task allocation while others lean more towards conversations and chat facilitation. While still others are, all in all, collaboration tool players.

PC Mag has recently reviewed a group of online collaboration tools. Worth your read and time, if you are looking to buy or evaluate one.

Many global companies have recently taken to online collaboration within their teams. There are bigger, enterprise edition social collaboration tools like ‘Yammer’ from Microsoft and IBM Connections, which many fortune 500 corporations around the world are currently using.  Smaller firms and young startups are not left behind either on the usage of online collaboration tools.

Young start-ups, as they grow, their teams expand and we see many functions emerge within their fledgling operations. Online collaboration tools need to be nimble, easily customizable and need to grow with the company and its people. The below-reviewed list of online collaboration tools by PCMag serves young startups as well as big established companies.

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PCMag is a well-known publishing house on matters related to Computers, new gadgets, and technology. The first 4 tools below have bagged the Editor’s choice awards.

  1. ASANA (  Strength:  workflow and managing tasks.
  1. Atlassian Hip Chat (  Strength: Online real-time team communication.
  1. Podio ( Strength: Highly customizable and scales easily for growing businesses.
  1. Slack (  Strength: Group messaging application and integration with other software.
  1. Igloo
  2. Lean kit
  3. Volero
  4. Workfront
  5. Atlassian Confluence
  6. Ryver

Online collaboration tools help improve productivity. There is no doubt. It brings people together on a shared understanding to accomplish common goals. People get work done when they interact with share conversations. When people joke and share a context on the software, it builds trust. The partnership and collaboration bond grows.

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