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Work Monkey Labs TRUSTfactor

Trust is one of the biggest factors in creating a fruitful and meaningful relationship in any social network. We would like you to have the best collaborative knowledge sharing experience to shape ideas, solve problems and perform better at work through this network.  We would like to help you succeed. To ensure this we have adopted quality standards in publishing content.

“The way I see it”web application is one small brick of a larger series of applications designed to make Work simple. The current webpage allows you to add an URL link and share content information about it for the benefit of everybody.

All URL links submitted will have a Do follow”link from Work Monkey Labs  (

For the benefit of

  1. Working professionals – Who would like to view, comment, promote and showcase published content.
  2. Entrepreneurs/Business owners
  3. Academic professionals and researchers.
  4. Digital bloggers.
  5. Digital marketers.
  6. Students
  7. Interested passionate individuals.

You can add anything under the sun. It is open. There are no restrictions. Please do add professionally and socially useful and productive work related areas. Please follow the Do Not’s.

                                                        Shape ideas, solve problems and perform better

Do Not

  1. Post, link or comment messages which contain obscene material, racist, homophobic or sexist content.
  2. Post, link or comment messages which contain hatred against anybody or organization.
  3. Post, link or comment messages that infringe copyright.
  4. Post, link or comment messages that are illegal or defamatory.
  5. Post, link or comment messages which are not in English.
  6. Post or link multiple URLs.
  7. Post or link content from the same URL link repeatedly. (We have allowed a time gap of 6 months for the same URL to be posted again from any single user)
  8. Post or link messages that contain viruses or code intended to destroy the functionality of the site.
  9. Post, link or comment messages which are unrelated to the use of the site.
  10. Disguise the original URL link and message.
  11. Collect or store personal data used on this site.

Use of Images as Pictograms and Symbols

The vector images used for choosing an image for the URL and Context content has been purchased by Work Monkey Labs for a regular license from Envato market for use within this site.

Unlimited number of users can use the  vector images as symbols or pictograms for the URL  and post the content.

How is the Trust Score calculated ?

Technology is only a tool and an enabler. Content is everything. Each and every URL webpage content that is posted is accompanied by a Trust Score. Trust Score is an indicator from Work Monkey labs to label submitted content based on  their merit and for the benefit of all the users within the social network. The Trust score is given by the Work Monkey labs editor after careful evaluation of  the submitted content based on the below attributes.  Trust score is calculated for a rank of 10. By default, all content submitted and approved gets a base Trust score of 3.

The following attributes contribute towards the Trust score.

1.  Content

Here content is something that you express in writing in your own words about an URL. More particularly, it is the context of “who said what” and “who said to whom” that you would like to express about a webpage. You are free to express what you feel and we respect the freedom of expression.

2.  Structure

Structure can be said in other words as how you dress up your content. The content should be readable and complete. The content can be divided into paragraphs and each paragraph can represent a sub-set of the main idea. There are many styles for structuring content. The most commonly used format is the one where there is a brief introduction and a background to the topic, followed by the body which is the explanation of the main idea and lastly the conclusion with support needed, challenges facts and future direction.

3. Focus

Focus here refers to the clarity in the content and without deviating from the main topic. Simply speaking, it is about drawing attention to the subject at hand and engaging the reader. Writing engaging content that conveys authority on the subject matter to the audience who read your content.

4. Supporting information and Examples.

Giving examples to a situation or a difficult concept that you are trying to explain will go a long way in making the content easier to understand and the audience will be able to relate to the content better. They would appreciate it.

5. Length

There is minimum requirement of 200 words to get a good Trust score  and there is an upper set limit of 1000 words.

Content Rating

Approved and published content can be rated by the users independently. Users are free to rate content. All published content get a default base rating of 2 stars.

Knowledge and Expertise areas / Categories

The following knowledge and expertise areas have been included within the social network. The same would be used as categories for tagging the submitted webpage URL content.

Categories Table
Categories Table

Some brief explanations of terms

  1. URL: Commonly known as the ‘Uniform resource locator’ is a web information resource that denotes a location on the internet or the computer network. Here URL refers to ‘web pages’ on the world wide web.


  1. Domain Name or Host name: Domain names exist to identify the resources on the internet. They have a unique identity. Domain names consists of labels or parts.

E.g.:- 1. is a domain name 2. is a sub-domain of with a label www.

Hostname are also domain names. Host names have a unique host computer or IP address for E.g.: – is a host name of the domain

Content approval

The content that is posted through the URL’s for sharing and collaboration goes through an approval process.  Work Monkey labs reserves the right to approve or delete the content. Please be responsible for the content you are posting.

Work Monkey Labs will apply the same quality standards for approving and publishing the posted content. However, Work Monkey Labs cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity and quality of the content that is posted. We will contact you by email to verify the posted content if need arises.

Please also view our Terms and conditions, Privacy policy and Disclaimer for further information on submitting content to our site.