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This ‘Write for us’ page serves as a guide to writing for and submitting to Work Monkey Labs.

(You can register to contribute or send us an email to the below email id)

Work Monkey Labs encourages the spirit of community and free expression. We are always looking for fresh perspectives, ideas, and unique voices to contribute to our ongoing blog page content areas (See below).

It is important that you have your own style of writing and expression. It is important that you be YOU.

We would love you to be part of our select few contributors. We have our own brand identity and voice on our editorial focus and as such, we maintain a high quality of written expression and original thought.

Our blog page content is true to our long-term focus, vision, intent and commitment – we make an effort to embrace new ideas on the internet crowd culture.

Our content areas:

Though we focus on a core management niche, we keep our blog page content exclusive, consistent and unique. Our content focus is sufficiently broad in the following inter-related and connected areas.

1. Social media and social networks in workplaces – benefits, latest news, and trends.
2. Social media at work – enabling technology and systems.
3. Digital platform strategy.
4. Crowds and crowd behavior.
5. Collective intelligence and Swarm behavior.
6. Scientific trends and the science behind social networks, collective intelligence, and crowds.
7. Ethnography, Sociology and Psychological factors of Social networks and Social media.
8. Mass collaboration, Peer production, and Expertise sharing
9. Collaboration and Innovation through social media and social networks.
10.Specialist areas like – Design thinking, Open innovation, and Knowledge brokering in workplaces with an emphasis on social networks.

We have a wide section of audience visiting our blog pages regularly – Working professionals at all levels from MNC’s and SME’s across the globe, Entrepreneurs and Business owners, Academic researchers, Social media enthusiasts, Digital and content marketing professionals, Students, bloggers, and others.

Our guest blog post submission guidelines:

Having said the above, there are certain simple guidelines and pointers. Please find them below.

The Writing process:

1. The emphasis is on ‘original thought and writing expression’. You need not be an expert or a top contributor in the above niche but please present well-researched content with examples and best practices. Please focus on usefulness and keeping the article interesting to the audience.

2. Please write it in simple clear English.

3. Please proofread your submission and take care of grammar. If you are using free online tools like Grammarly or Hemingway then, that would be great!

Some tips:

1. You can also revisit published article titles from leading Business, Science and Technology publications  like HBR, MIT Sloan Management review, Gallup, National geographic, Scientific American etc.. and look at the content from

  1. A  fresh perspective.   or
  2. New thoughts and angles.   or
  3. Any new argument and insight.  or
  4. A summary of lessons learned.   or
  5. Challenges, issues, and solution – Case study approach.

2.  You can also write about and review a published book in the above niche.

We give preference to a well-researched article with genuinely cited references from high authority websites and content sources.


We look for authenticity in the article. We do not publish articles which have appeared elsewhere or appear as promotional.

Content length:

The content length must be at least 700 words. The human undivided attention span is only for about 3-4 minutes at any given moment. So please do not exceed 2000 words.


It is not necessary to send images. Work Monkey labs have purchased exclusive license to publish hand drawn vector images and we will use our own images as featured images for your posts. However, where necessary we will publish your images in the body of the text.

Social media promotion:

All our guest blog posts will be promoted exclusively in the Work Monkey Labs social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

Article title:

Please give us a ‘Working title’ of your article. We will frame a title which best suits the article. If found suitable, we will keep the same title.

Let us make the web beautiful:

You can cite sources and references in your article as links (not more than 3-4).  Please make sure that the links provided are from credible, authentic and high authority sources.  We incentivize sincere blogging efforts.

We value your time and creativity. Thank you for considering us.  Be an insider at Work Monkey labs.


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Please do send us the below details to    ramkumar@workmonkeylabs.com

1. Your full name.
2. Your Website.
2. Your email address (We prefer your Gravatar account email address).
3. A short bio. about yourself (3-4 lines) (This short author bio. will be displayed at the end of each article of yours along with your website and social media accounts)
5. Your social media account (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc..)
6. The Word document attachment of your article content and other media content.

We place a very high emphasis on the Trust factor. After evaluation, we will acknowledge and reply back to you with the confirmation on when your article will go live and will also let you know when this happens.


The team @ Work monkey labs